SafeHelipad - The worlds only Helipad and Helideck Network Infrastructure Compliance Software. 

Providing program management, safety management, analysis, personnel, and maintenance services for aviation programs in the commercial and government sector.

Helipad and Helideck Analysis, Equipment, and Maintenance

Aviation Software, TEchnology, equipment & Services


  • Implementation for Hospital Systems, Oil & Gas Industry, and Governmental
  • Clients with the worlds only Helipad and Helideck Network
  • Infrastructure Compliance Software - SafeHelipad. 
  • Procurement for Government Facilities Equipment
  • Procurement of DoD Aviation Parts
  • Architectural Design & Safety Assessment of New Hospital Helipad
  • Cost Benefit Analysis for Use of RFID in Aviation Maintenance Program
  • A&E Design Services for Government Facility
  • Analysis of Repair vs. New Build for Aviation Facilities Fuel Management System
  • Subject Matter Expert Personnel Support for Government DoD Exercise
  • Aircraft Avionics Installation Services for Private Client
  • Created Proprietary Quantitative Helipad Assessment Tool for Hospital System
  • Implementation of Helipad Alert & Monitoring Software System for Hospital Helipad Network
  • ​Program Management Drone/UAS Transportation Initiative
  • Cost Benefit Analysis for Drone/UAS Technology Implementation for Governmental Client
  • Government Acquisition Proposal and Program Management Services for DoD Weapons Program

Government acquisition for Material, Services, and Personnel 

Service, Material, and Personnel Supplier for Government Contracts at the Federal, State, and Municipal Levels​. 

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